Orange County Professional Photography Session Tips

If you’ve come this far, it is likely that you are getting ready for your next Orange County corporate photography appointment with TMP Corporate Photography. Many people have participated in professional photography sessions before and yet to some the idea of a corporate photography session is an altogether new experience. In order to understand what an Orange County professional photographer will need from you as the subject of the picture, and how you can prepare for your professional photography sitting, below are some portrait photography session tips which will be very helpful.

Professional Photography Session Tips

  • Arrive early and do not schedule meetings immediately after the session in order to appear as relaxed and amiable as possible in the photos.
  • Let go of daily stressors during the photography session, get plenty of rest the night before and remain relaxed. Listen to the photographer and heed their expert advice.
  • With such a wide variety of businesses out there, the attire will set the appropriate mood for any corporate photograph. Assemble a few options of work-attire which are appropriate and the corporate photographer will help you coordinate. Some coloring in clothing is better than a stark white shirt, as it will help emphasize the face better. Stay away from excessively busy patterns and stick to medium color shades.
  • Wear appropriate jewelry that does not distract from their countenance. Where suitable to a particular business, scarves and hats can be worn.
  • For group photos wear complimentary colors.
  • Avoid new hairstyles prior to a professional photography session, as these changes may not turn out as expected.
  • Style your hair prior to the sitting, just as you would for a job interview, and ensure that frizzy or flyaway hair is controlled properly.
  • After dressing and styling hair, take one last look in a full-length mirror to make sure everything is in place and you look appropriate to your own standards.
  • Peeling, red skin, and tan lines from sun exposure will show up in a professional photograph, so do not spend excessive time in the sun prior to the session, and take proper precautions to ensure that none are a problem.
  • Last-minute appearance of blemishes should not be cause for cancelling an appointment with a professional photographer, concealer and powder cover many imperfections, whether male or female.
  • Apply a powder to an oily complexion to ensure a no-shine, matte finish in the photographs.
  • Men should shave shortly before a corporate photography session.
  • If hands will be in the picture, consider getting a manicure.
  • Glass can cause additional glare, facial and eye distortions to occur. If glasses are required in a photograph, bring empty frames, or remove the lenses in your glasses for the session.
  • Braces should not be a deal-breaker. Smile through the session with braces on and if desired, during the evaluation process you can have any of the photos retouched to have the braces removed, at an additional cost.
As a well-trained and experienced Orange County corporate photographer, specializing in Orange County professional photography, TMP Corporate Photography knows just how to bring out the best in each person being photographed while also capturing the essence of their business. With a corporate photograph comes the potential to increase company sales, so choose a professional photographer with the expertise necessary to help your business succeed!

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